The Go with Maersk Journey

Module 1: Our Industry

We will look at the end to end supply chain management, exploring the full container journey from A to B. The aim is to give you an introduction to the industry via theory, applied learning and a direct link to the Maersk business, while also creating opportunity for personal insights and development. As part of a truly international group of fellow graduates, you will have the opportunity to socialise with your peers and learn more about each other’s work and cultures.

Module 2: Our purpose and impact on the world

Facilitating global trade is the foundation of our business, but leading the global movement of goods entails a much wider purpose. The focus of this module is to bring our supply chain and customer relationships to life, while exploring our purpose and impact on the world.

Module 3: Disrupting and innovating Maersk (and our industry)

We turn our eyes to the world around us and discuss factors that influence businesses today, such as geopolitics, digitization and disruption. We provide you with an outside-in perspective from Silicon Valley, the world's leading hub when it comes to start-ups, high-tech corporations and innovators, and discuss how Maersk can continue to innovate, not only ourselves, but also our industry. 

Module 4: Creating and leading the way - the "Future Maersk"

For the final module, we gather at Maersk Headquarters to reflect on everything we’ve experienced. We will consolidate the end-to-end perspective of supply chains. You will also look ahead in order to leverage your experiences as you embark on your expatriation. The business leaders of our brands will inspire you to lead and take responsibility for your own development while lifting those around you. It’s time to go with your passion and move the world!


After your graduation from the programme you will continue your journey in Maersk with a two year expatriation in a different region of the world. With the expatriation you’ll get the opportunity to apply your knowledge to new experiences abroad.

The go with Maersk journey infographic The go with Maersk journey infographic

Where do you see yourself?

Go with Maersk offers real and unique positions within four functional tracks. Where do you see yourself?

Go Commercial

By identifying our customer’s needs and designing solutions that allow them to win in the market place, we work to build trust with our customers. By doing so, the commercial team grows our business and market share, contributing to the global commercial exchange in a sustainable manner.

Go Operations

Operations is the engine room of our business and we work to provide the most reliable, efficient, and sustainable solutions to our customers. By joining us, you will learn how to put together the right combination of assets, people, and operational setup to meet our customers’ requirements at a competitive price.

Go Finance

Finance is supporting decisions and enables continuous performance improvements. By joining us, you will be able to use your financial thinking to help us further our leaps forward in global trade.


Digitisation is a key part in taking care of today and actively preparing for tomorrow. Everything that can be, will be digitalised in order to improve customer experience and loyalty. By joining IT, you will be part of the journey towards digitisation as we reimagine how technology can engineer growth.