On the Go with Maersk journey, you will receive training combined with high-impact experience.

This will be supplemented by high-level mentoring, coaching and continuous feedback to help you grow and develop.


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Are you ready to take on an immersive development journey?

  • The Journey

    Are you ready to take on an immersive development journey? Ready to challenge yourself in not only one, but two job rotations with the global leader in transportation and logistics? Yes? Then imagine yourself becoming a Go with Maersk Graduate!

    Through your job rotations you’ll gain insight into yourself, our organisation and the industry. On top of this you will participate in inspiring development experiences with your fellow Graduates from all around the world. Your on-the-job development will be complemented by a blend of virtual and face-to-face learning modules – further stretching your personal and professional development across your entire Go with Maersk journey! During the face-to-face modules you’ll be exposed to some of the communities we serve and operate in around the world, helping to illuminate the possibilities of the global career that could unfold for you and your peers.

    Your formal development journey will be led by external thought-leaders as well as Maersk business leaders – enabling you to see our current landscape while looking beyond the horizon to imagine a future that only you can help us create. We will be by your side throughout your journey – to help you jump in right away and create an impact. We will enable you with tools and the insights you’ll need to stretch and succeed, to grow your career with Maersk and go all the way for our customers!

  • Why Go with Maersk?

    Over the course of two years, and during your two rotations, the GO WITH MAERSK PROGRAMME will invest significantly in your development, both professionally and personally:

    • You will be offered a unique position within the organisation – being treated as a valued employee with real responsibilities and entitled to the same benefits as other employees.
    • You will be meeting and interacting with other graduates, senior business leaders, influencers and mentors – who will provide you with guidance, feedback and mentorship to help you build your skills and gather real experiences.
    • You will, as part of a truly diverse group of fellow graduates, be able to learn about each other’s work and cultures – this will help you to build up your own global network.
    • Completing the programme will open up new opportunities to you both locally and globally.
  • Where do you see yourself?

    Go with Maersk offers real and unique positions as full-time employees over two years within four functional tracks. The Go with Maersk programme does not offer traineeships – we offer you a career. Read more about the different sections and see which appeals to your talents and passion.

Go Commercial

We build trust with our customers by identifying their needs and design solutions that will allow them to win in the marketplace. This is how the commercial team grows our business and market share, thereby contributing to the global commercial exchange in a sustainable manner.

Go Operations

Operations is the engine room of our business and we work to provide the most reliable, efficient, and sustainable solutions to our customers. Here you will learn how to put together the right combination of assets, people, and operational setup to meet our customers’ requirements at a competitive price.

Go Finance

Finance supports decisions and enables continuous performance improvements. By joining us, you will be able to use your financial thinking to help us further our leaps forward in global trade.

Go Technology

A key part in taking care of today and actively preparing for tomorrow, is digitisation. Everything that can be, will be digitised to improve customer experience and loyalty. Join Technology to be part of the journey towards digitisation - as we reimagine how technology can engineer growth.