The Go with Maersk journey

The go with Maersk journey infographic The go with Maersk journey infographic

Where will the modules take you?

Module 1: Maersk in the world economy

In the first module we will be focusing on the transportation and logistics industry and Maersk’s role in the world economy. In Shanghai, China, we will visit one of our major operation hubs while we discuss the essence of our business: our value proposition to customers. Your fellow graduates will come from a wide range of educational backgrounds, representing all Maersk brands, as well as over 40 countries globally.

Module 2: From heavy to virtual assets

Our home base for module two is at University of California, Berkeley. We turn our eyes to the world around us and discuss factors that influence business today, such as geopolitics, digitization and disruption. We will visit several Silicon Valley companies to spend time with their executives and innovators. You will receive a crash course in data science and learn how to accelerate your career by creating high impact experiences for yourself.

Module 3: Commercial wiring

Module three offers an outside-in perspective as you train to think in commercial terms. As we gather in one of the African countries, we will visit with some of our customers to put into practice our value proposition, as well as design solutions for future supply chains. You will meet graduates from our customers’ graduate programmes in order to share perspectives and build networks. You will be trained in self-leadership and receive a good deal of feedback in order to provide you with strategic self-awareness for a sustainable, successful career.

Module 4: Global supply chains

For the final module we gather at Maersk Headquarters in Copenhagen to reflect on everything we’ve experienced. We will consolidate the end-to-end perspective of supply chains. You will also look ahead in order to leverage your experiences as you embark on your expatriation. The business leaders of our brands will inspire you to lead and take responsibility for your own development while lifting those around you. It’s time to go with your passion and move the world!

Listen to Professor Andrew Isaacs as he shares his thoughts about Go with Maersk.

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