Global IT Analyst 
APM Terminals, The Hague


Meet Susu Zhang - a Mathematics and Operations Research graduate, who started with Go with Maersk in July 2017.

Beginning the programme as a part of the IT portfolio management team, she helped oversee proper governance of terminal-based IT initiatives in the Netherlands.

Susu and her project group after a successful presentation in San Francisco.


What drives me

'I grew up near Chingdao, China, which is one of the world's busiest ports. At an early age, I developed an interest in computers, mathematics and logistics, and this has led me to the Netherlands and APM Terminals. I applied to the programme because I knew people who had great experiences in other Maersk graduate programmes.


Working in Maersk

“I joined as an IT analyst in IT Portfolio Demand Management team - a team that manages IT initiatives from the terminals. We are a team of 5 members in our 20s from 4 different countries. My team is one of the reasons I love my job, we fully support each other in a way that we all get to do the work we enjoy.   Recently, I started my second rotation in operation at one of the most automated terminals. My work is to improve the performance of the terminal operation system in term of extracting the business logic from the data warehouse, deep diving into the scheduling algorithms and perform in-depth analysis to discover the root causes of the waste buckets.   My work has been really excited because I’ve been given many different challenges, and I know I will continue to learn a lot, not only technically, but also in management. My goal is to go higher and higher.


My biggest learning so far

“My biggest learning is fully understanding how a terminal operating system work, and to apply mathematical models to improve its performance and make better decisions.


My advice to aspiring Go with Maersk graduates

'If you want to do something, don't wait for it to happen. Fight for it and make it happen.'

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