Sales Performance Manager
Damco, Mumbai


Meet Mahip Baid - a Civil Engineering and Finance graduate from India, who knew little about the organisation until he discovered Go with Maersk.

His interest in people and penchant for learning have helped him land roles in construction and now, sales management. After joining the programme in 2017, he began working as a Damco Sales Performance Manager in Mumbai.

“Grab any opportunity you have with both hands. It’s going to be
a brilliant experience”
Mahip Baid


What drives me

'One of the reasons I applied to the programme was the diversity and global opportunities for graduates. It gives me opportunities to work with and build long lasting relationships with people from different cultures and backgrounds.'


Working in Maersk

'None of my days are ever the same and that's the best part. My day can be spent analyzing data or talking to people to explain the data in simpler ways. I didn't have any past experience in logistics when I started, but I quickly realised there is a great support system in place to help me grow and excel. There are numerous resources within the organisation to help you learn. The approachability here is amazing - the people are extremely helpful, regardless of who you approach. The opportunities you have in the organisation are massive. You can move into a variety of roles. The structure in place also gives you a long-term perspective for your personal growth. A lot of effort has been put into creating the Go with Maersk programme and it shows. I want to become a better leader and be pushed into new areas, like technology. Our industries are ripe for disruption, and I want to be able to lead Maersk into the future.'


Getting to know me

'Whenever I do something, be it something like preparing a report, creating a presentation or conveying a message to my team, I make sure all my data is covered. In everything I do, I try to get down to the smallest details. I work on different sets of data and what I enjoy the most about this is knowing the story that those numbers tell. The story you can draw out of numbers is more interesting to me than the numbers themselves.'


My advice to aspiring Go with Maersk graduates

'Have absolutely zero preconceptions when you join the programme. Come here with a completely open mind and be ready for anything. Be prepared to learn. Don't be apprehensive about joining something new - that's what makes this programme exciting. Grab any opportunity you have with both hands. It's going to be a brilliant experience!'

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