Adriele Pradi

Customer Experience Project Manager
Maersk Line, Copenhagen


Meet Adriele Pradi – a Business Development and Internationalisation graduate.

Aside from taking up management and business development courses, she also studied informatics - the study of the structure, behaviour and interactions of natural and computational systems - and wrote her thesis on how to improve marketing and sales by using software and data.

Adriele Pradi started in the Go with Maersk programme in July 2017.


What drives me

'I started the Go with Maersk programme in July 2017 as a Customer Experience Project Manager at Maersk Line. What particularly attracted me to this role was the opportunity to contribute to an improved customer experience. I am especially interested in how technology can help Maersk become closer to its customers, it is very exciting for me.

I enjoy exploring new things. I have experienced living in different countries - from cold Sweden to sunny Dominican Republic - and worked across many different industries.'


Working in Maersk

'It was a very interesting beginning for me because I started a week after the cyber-attack. I work on projects that are related to customer service, but I don't directly contact customers often. The week when I started, I was tasked to take phone calls from customers, get their details, understand their needs and relay this information to those who can help them. It was a big learning process straight from the beginning.

Being part of a global organisation is challenging in a good way. Having the opportunity to interact with people from different countries and of different backgrounds is helping me understand the importance of improving communication and collaboration among each other. Everyone is respectful of diversity and we find a balance to make our different cultures work together. We are all different but we are here working towards the same goal.

The graduates come from all over the world and from different industries. That's exciting - there are many outside perspectives coming in to help shape Maersk's future.'


My advice to aspiring Go with Maersk graduates

'Understand what the company is looking for and what the Go with Maersk programme is about. Think about the track that suits you best. If you find it, go for it because I know you will learn a lot from this opportunity. This programme has so many possibilities and it is an experience I would recommend.'

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